ComicHour, one of my favourite comics every hour

.: Hi web comic fan,

So what have I created here? I display a random comic every hour that I have "borrowed" off the internet. I choose particular strips that work on their own and that I particularly like - the cream of the crop. Also if I see a comic with an elephant in it, it is always added to the list (that's for you Alexa). I like comics that reference other comics too.

I visit around 300 comic sites a day and am always adding new material to this site. I enjoy a very broad range of comics but you won't find much family circus, cathy or overboard here.

Are these images copyright? Yes. Do I have permission to use them? No.

But I see this site as helping the original artists and their publishers. I link back to the web site that I got the image from. I am a form of advertising for the artist. I don't provide an archive so if the viewer wants more they have to go to the artist's site. And the comic is only up for an hour. But if you are a publisher or artist and you want me to remove your work let me know and I will do so right away. But think - I am part of your ad revenue. I am very loyal to my list of sites I visit. I have bought subscriptions and t-shirts.

Hopefully I will help people discover new artists, and rediscover old favourites. This is a win win for everyone.

Hey, if you have a favorite comic why don't you share it with me? I am always on the look out for interesting new stuff.

Last but not least - I Am Canadian - eh!

.: John - 
.: - this hour has one comic

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